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Written by Bernadette Doyle   
Thursday, 01 March 2007 15:00
Bernadette Doyle
Bernadette Doyle

Why are many solo service providers such as coaches, trainers, consultants or therapists struggling to attract clients and sell their services, whilst others are recognized experts, attracting a steady stream of clients and commanding higher fees?

Well one reason these recognized experts enjoy the success they do, is because they know how to make the funnel system of marketing work for them.

If you picture a funnel, you know it's wide and open at the top, and tiny and narrow at the bottom. As prospects go through the stages from 'I want to know more about you' to 'You're hired' they effectively move through the funnel.

Now lots of people make the mistake of offering something free at the top of their funnel, and then having their key product or service such as bespoke training, one-on-one coaching, or consulting package at the bottom of their funnel, but nothing in between. I should know, it's a mistake I made myself for some time.

The trouble with this is, it's asking your prospects to make too big a jump in just one go. For many of the businesses we're in, the risk prospects face in taking us on is not only a financial risk, but an emotional one too.

So the marketing funnel is a great business model. It helps you make your core proposition available at different price points, thus lowering the emotional and financial risk for your clients as they move further down the funnel.

The funnel system of marketing says that you offer your prospects and customers ever more elaborate products and services - and ever more intensive access to you - at ever increasing prices. In other words always offering people ways to spend more money with you. And whether you are selling training programmes to corporations, personalised coaching to individuals, or even hypnotherapy, the theory still applies.

In a nutshell the funnel system says: attract new clients and prospects into your funnel, then find ways to add more and more value to them - and as the value increases, so does the price!

An example of the funnel system

Top of Funnel

  • Free newsletter with valuable and usable content

Middle of Funnel

  • Teleseminar £25
  • Workbook £69
  • Home study programme £195
  • Live Workshop £295

Bottom of Funnel

  • One-to-one coaching £1995
  • Business Consulting Programme £2995

The ideal funnel should be a win for you and your clients. Many people who would not otherwise be able to afford your services get access to your expertise for a lower fee than hiring you one-on-one. The benefit to you is that the funnel system really helps you leverage your time earning much, much more money per hour.

What the funnel system will do for you and your business

The funnel system will help you become a Client Magnet for two reasons.

First it radically cuts down your one-to-one selling time. Clients move through the funnel at their own pace. (As long as you have a system in place for encouraging through the funnel. And of course you can automate this.)

This way, by the time someone is considering your higher priced programmes they have already bought and used several of your products or services. All that huffing and puffing, convincing and persuading, proving and demonstrating, pleading and begging that currently drains so much of your precious time and energy - gone! There is no selling or persuading to be done. They already recognise the value you have to offer. They are effectively 'pre-sold'.

The second reason that the funnel system will help you transform into a Client Magnet, is that this model helps prospects become paying clients much earlier in the process. Your income increases, and this new income comes from largely passive sources such as books, audio programmes or home study courses.

Now, there will be a very obvious financial benefit, but how will this increase in income going to affect you emotionally? It makes you less needy. And as I've described in previous newsletters, that neediness is very often what drives prospective clients running for the hills.

The moment you don't care whether people sign up for your tailored consulting solution or one-to-one coaching service is the instant you'll have a gang of them knocking down your door.

And when you start working the funnel system, you won't be as needy, simply because you'll already be enjoying a nice stream of income from your marketing efforts.

Action Steps

Take a moment or two to draw YOUR funnel. See where the gaps are, and start thinking about what products you can add to make it easier for your prospects to sample your expertise and take a lower risk step to being a paying client.

Offering something for free - a newsletter like this, or a free report is the ideal way to get people into your funnel initially. Then you need to create some basic solutions that can help clients start benefiting from your expertise in a low cost/low risk way.

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