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Written by Bob Janes   
Monday, 13 October 2008 08:58

With great regret we've postponed the Diversity workshop until 2009.

The next AMOC Alumni event is on a date to be decided in March 2009 from 10am to 4pm at Ashridge.

Emerging Thoughts about Diversity in Organisations from an AMOC Perspective

Jean Balfour, Susan Fairlie and Daryl King will lead an interactive day exploring thoughts about diversity from an AMOC perspective.  The focus is on sharing thinking with each other.

The day will begin with Susan, Jean and Daryl (and others hopefully) sharing their journies in relation to diversity to date. This will include a short extract from Jean's AMOC dissertation.

We will then go on to experience a diversity exercise developed by Nancy Kline which explores our assumptions about our own diversity.

This will be followed by an Open Space style session where the topics could include

  • AI, Social Construction - an approach to diversity
  • Dialogue and diversity
  • A CRP perspective on diversity
  • Exploring diversity of opinion
  • The relationship between being gay and out at work and performance
  • Any other topics

We will continue to reflect on our own diverse experiences using a Fishbowl and will finish with discussion and thoughts arising from the day.

We welcome any further ideas and thoughts for the day. It will be fluid and the conversation will hopefully generate further questions and thinking.

Jean Balfour

Jean is an Organisation Consultant with over 15 years experience in Organisation Development, Team Development and Leadership Development.

Recent assignments have involved Jean has working with Diversity Networks and GLBT groups in the City both on facilitating strategic planning workshops and in providing development workshops.  Jean has also recently run a successful 'Women in Leadership' programme for a large national organisation. Jean also provides ongoing Leadership Development to Senior Doctors in the NHS.

She is increasingly working in Diversity and has wide experience of facilitation with boards and teams, coaching individuals and of providing change consultancy.  She had a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development and has just completed a Masters in Organisation Consulting at Ashridge.

In 2008 Jean co-authored Peak Performance, a report commissioned by Stonewall into the relationship between LGB people being 'out' at work and their performance.

Jean is a Non-Executive Director with Worthing Homes Ltd - a Housing Association on the South Coast.  Her clients include Citi, The Royal Mail, Ernst & Young, UBS, Post Office Limited, Bovis Lend Lease, The Health Foundation and The British Council.

Susan Fairlie

Susan is an Associate with the Innovation Practice team at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. She is currently working on the ways to spread good practice, Experience Based Design (how to use patient experience to design services) and something called 'Pattern Mapping'. Pattern mapping considers the patterns of interaction, which accompany the systems and processes of organisational life.

Previously, she was Deputy Director of NHS Change Programmes with the Equality and Human Rights Group of the Department of Health.

Whilst in the DH, Susan wrote a service improvement guide with a focus on equality and diversity. She has worked in the NHS as a nurse and latterly as a senior manager for 28 years.

Susan graduated from AMOC in March 2008 and is particularly interested in complexity theory, positive organisational psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and relational practice. She has recently completed a coaching qualification with the British School of Coaching and is also an NLP Practitioner.

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